How to Get Food Stamps (SNAP Benefits)

To get food stamps you have to apply for them in the state that you live. If you meet the income requirements, you can receive these benefits.

Contact your state’s food stamps provider by visiting the SNAP State Directory of Resources.

You can also call a toll-free hotline run by your state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The number to call is 1-800-221-5689 and you can find additional contact information on Many states offer online applications well.

If you are over the age of 60 or have a physical disability, you may be entitled to more benefits. Veterans of the military also get special consideration, so be sure to include any of this important information. How to Apply for SNAP Benefits

Once you complete the application, your local SNAP agency will notify you within 30 days if you have qualified or not.

You will also be interviewed by a representative of SNAP, either on the phone or in person. You will need to give proof of the information you provided to them.

If you are eligible for assistance, you will get the benefits based on the date you submitted your application.

You will receive notice about how long you get these benefits when you qualify. After that period of time, you must recertify. To get more information about how to recertify and when to do it, contact your local SNAP office.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card

If you qualify for benefits, you will receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. This works exactly like a debit card.

Benefits are added to your card automatically each month. You can use your EBT card at any food store or retailer that is authorized to accept EBT payments.

SNAP Benefits Application Tips

It’s important when applying to be as honest as possible. Don’t lie about your income or how many people you are supporting, because this is a crime and you could get into big trouble for it.

If you can simply prove that you’re in a tough situation, the government will do their best to support you.

These food programs are put in place to help people exactly like you. Just remember to be polite and truthful with any person you speak with when applying for food stamps.

Don’t worry, help is waiting for you. Just complete the application and wait to hear back from an agent.